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Summer is here, let’s get our boho on! I know we covered summer outfit ideas already, but I wanted to expand our wardrobe to include a little bohemian vibe. For those of you who aren’t aware of what “boho-chic” is, allow me to explain. 

Bohemian style is more or less a style inspired by the hippies of the ’70s. It is inclusive of flowy, loose-fitting clothing, earth tones and also vibrant floral patterns, and fun accessories like bangles and big earrings. Don’t worry, I’m going to show you some awesome examples and give you some easy tips to get boho style going in your wardrobe. Bohemian style is a great summer look!

girl wearing boho outfit holding a flower

Here is a classic bohemian look with the colorful patterns on this flowy maxi dress. This is not only a gorgeous, laid-back look but also super comfortable in the summer heat. Boho chic is all about comfort while simultaneously expressing your personality through your style. 

In this photo, she is layering a colorful shaw as an accessory along with her layered bracelets and chunky necklace. The shawl adds to the flowy feel and adds another pop of color. Her hair is natural and unstyled for that beachy, summer look.

Girl wearing boho outfit

I love this look! (Well, I love all the looks, but this one is one of my favorites). The suede fringe jacket and the suede boots are very boho chic. The matching black suede hat is an awesome accessory to complete this hippie look. The flowy, white skirt keeps the outfit light and fun. This is great for a spring or fall day when you might need a jacket throughout the day.

Wearing ankle boots brings out the boho look. You can wear boots with dresses, skirts, skinny jeans, and shorts. It’s all allowed.

red head wearing boho outfit

Here is a perfect summer day bohemian outfit. A long flowy skirt with the lace section will keep the outfit cool and breezy. Her patterned top is keeping the outfit colorful and boho. A crop-top is an easy go-with for a long skirt. Her long, unstyled hair is keeping the boho look alive — a flowery headband or headpiece would complete this outfit in true boho fashion. 

This is one of my favorite outfits for comfort and coolness on a hot summer day. The shoes that I would pair with this outfit would be some strappy, earth-tone colored sandals.

girl wearing an edgy boho outfit

A little more of a casual look here, but I would still call it bohemian with the leather jacket over a graphic tee or crop top. It is an easy go-to for a day in the city or if you need an outfit that you can be a little more mobile in. Wear some ripped jeans to bring that hippie look into play with the “don’t care” vibe. Add some baggy layers and some funky sunglasses to give this look some pizazz.

I always love to add some rings to accessorize.  The big earrings also keep the outfit fun. The bandana adds some flair and attitude to this look.

girl wearing taupe boho outfit

Here is another easy boho look. This isn’t quite a maxi dress, but the earth-tone color and the texture keeps the Bohemian style front and center. The strappy sandals are a perfect fit for this dress. To add a little more flair, I would personally add some big jewelry (earrings or big layered bracelets) and probably a headpiece to complete the look.

girl wearing orange and black dress

When in doubt, keep it funky, ladies! This floral pattern maxi dress is the perfect dress for any beach day or barbeque! This dress is great for an easy transition from summer to fall wardrobe. The fall colors in this dress are bright and the hat is the perfect addition. Don’t forget about suede floppy hats when you don’t know what to accessorize with. 

When you do add shoes to this dress, you can go in any direction: suede booties to match the hat, strappy sandals, or if it is chillier, mid-calf boots.

girl wearing a tie dye boho outfit

Here we go with the quintessential hippie look: tye die. Always a go-to for a Bohemian vibe. You can find this casual look in a t-shirt with denim shorts, a maxi dress, or a short beachy dress. The bandana and her unstyled hair complete the look. The ultimate “keeping it casual” look.

Basically, the Bohemian look comes down to a few key pieces of clothing usually encompassed in flowy, flowery, colorful skirts, and dresses. For the shoes go with clunky or small and strappy. Add some big, beautiful jewelry, a headpiece of some kind whether it be a hat or a headband and you’re boho-chic and ready to hit the streets. Get your boho on ladies!

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  1. Shel Avatar

    Super cute looks!!

  2. Samantha Avatar

    The perfect summer inspo. As I’m getting older it’s so hard to find ways to stay fresh. Can’t wait to incorporate these into my wardrobe and keep things interesting 😉

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