DIY: Coconut Oil Hair Masks

Hey Ladies (and any interested gentlemen)! I want to share with you not only my travels but also some of the healthy and helpful life hacks that I have come across. For today, let’s talk about hair masks. Keeping our locks luscious is super important so I have some DIY coconut oil mask recipes here for different types of hair. Check it out!

Why Hair Masks?

Sometimes our hair needs a little extra love than just a quick rinse of store-bought conditioner in the shower. Overnight hair treatments can do wonders for your hair. These simple DIY masks can make your hair shinier, stronger, and add tons of moisture. Hair masks can also help to tame frizz and prevent breakage. The ingredients to these masks are also easy to find, natural, and affordable. 

For all coconut oil hair masks remember that less is more. The coconut oil goes a long way so you really don’t have to use a ton of it. In fact, if you use too much it will have the opposite effect and could weigh your hair down making it look greasy. Play around with different amounts for your hair type to determine the ideal amount for you.

Just Coconut Oil Hair Mask

coconuts in hands

So, the simplest, one-step option is to just use straight coconut oil. I try to find a good all-natural brand so that I know I’m not putting any contaminants in my hair. Coconut oil has lauric acid in it that can stop protein loss in your hair, help your hair to grow, and add moisture. 

Heat the coconut oil (in a pan or microwave) until it’s lukewarm and massage it into your hair and scalp. I typically put the mask on when I get out of the shower and then sleep in it. 

Tip: wrap a handkerchief, scarf, shower cap, etc) around your hair to keep from ruining your pillowcase. 

In the morning you can hop in the shower and wash it out or if you’re working from home you can leave it in a few extra hours. This is great for dry hair — the coconut oil acts as a natural conditioner. Wait until you feel your silky, smooth hair after this!

Coconut Oil and Honey Hair Mask

ingredients for a coconut oil and honey hair mask

Honey is a natural antioxidant. When I use it consistently in a hair mask my hair feels smoother and looks shinier. The best way to use honey in a hair mask is to mix it with coconut oil. I take 2 parts, honey, to 3 parts coconut oil and heat it in a pan until it is liquidy. 

Again, I usually shower beforehand and will leave this mask on overnight as well. This one can get extra sticky as you can imagine so I use a shower cap to sleep in when I do this. The honey will also help your scalp as it is full of healthy minerals. This one is great for dry hair and will bring moisture back if used often.

Coconut Oil & Aloe Vera Hair Mask

aloe for a hair mask

This is one of my favorites because both of these ingredients have such positive qualities on their own. Aloe is full of vitamin E, antioxidants, minerals, and fatty acids. This hair mask also doesn’t get as sticky as the honey so it is a little bit more manageable. It’s great for damaged hair and hair that has trouble retaining moisture.

For this mask, I use equal parts aloe vera and coconut oil. I heat the coconut oil on the stove and then when it’s lukewarm, I put it in a bowl and mix it with the aloe vera. You can use bottled aloe vera, but if you can find fresh cuts of aloe you can simply peel it and blend it. It’s a sticky job, but it’s all-natural and it’s good for your hands while you’re doing it!

Coconut Oil and Lemon Hair Mask

If you oily hair then lemon juice will help you out. Lemon juice has antifungal properties and helps to get rid of grease and oil (also a great household cleaner, but that’s for another post). If you have problems with dandruff this hair mask is a good option for you too. 

For this mask, I use equal parts of lemon juice and coconut oil. The lemon juice is pretty acidic so this one you can leave in for 15-20 minutes — this is not an overnight hair mask. I usually wash my hair after using this one. After you use this mask you will feel like you got all the grime out of your hair; it will be light and smooth. 

If you do at least one of these bi-weekly you are sure to see smoother, shinier hair in about two weeks. I try to do coconut oil hair masks as a hair treatment at least 2-3 times a week to help to grow my hair, prevent breakage and add moisture and shine. It’s also something that you can easily do traveling which is another reason I love it; I always travel with a little coconut oil! Stay tuned for more DIY hair and body care!

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