Casual Summer Outfit Ideas

This summer, don’t worry if you don’t know what’s trending, I have put together a helpful guide to jumpstart your summer wardrobe with the latest summer fashion. In this post, I will cover a few simple, casual, summer outfits that will be great for any occasion!

Summer is here again and it might be hard to keep up with what’s trending. Lucky for you, I have put together a blog post for casual summer outfit ideas. After all, we want to be comfortable and more often than not in hot summer weather, the occasion calls for casual. And casual can still be stylish. Let’s revamp your summer wardrobe!

Midi-skirt with crop top

A summer outfit with green skirt and white shirt

Keep the beach vibe alive with breezy linen skirts. High-waisted skirts are a good way to keep it classy with a light, white top. For the shoes, the slides keep it casual, but the gold accents allow for a slightly dressier look when needed. The key is versatility here. If you are a hat person, adding a hat can spice up an outfit and give you some sun protection if you want to save that pretty face of yours from the summer UV rays.

cute sundress

Girl wearing a cute summer outfit

A nice summer dress is always in style. You can keep it short like this or go for the longer maxi dress – you can’t really go wrong. Wear flats or a slip-on for the ultimate casual summer outfit. Keep it light and flowy for comfort on hot days.

jean shorts and a tee

Brunette girl in a casual summer outfit

The easiest summer fashion: denim shorts and a t-shirt. Easy peasy. This look is versatile and can be an easy go-to for any event. I personally like the high-waisted look with a tighter t-shirt, as pictured here, but you can also wear a loose-fitting shirt or an off-the-shoulder t-shirt. This outfit has endless options. Again, keep it casual with flip-flops or canvas shoes.

short romper

Cute casual summer outfit idea

Jumpsuits and rompers are a classic summer outfit. Easy, colorful, comfortable — it’s an easy win. Summer rompers are light and can be worn on the hottest days. A simple romper can easily be accessorized without adding extra clothing layers — don’t forget about big earrings and fun bracelets to spice up your summer fashion!

loose jeans and a crop top

Cute summer outfit with jeans

Here is one of my favorite styles, denim jeans with a crop top. Wearing long pants allows you to wear a slightly racier shirt, without looking tawdry. I love the floral patterns and bright colors make the outfit pop! Keep the shoe simple to keep it chic. Again, a hat is a great summer accessory for functionality and style. Floppy hats, like this one, are in this year. 

I hope this post has helped you with some summer outfit inspiration. I know I am going to add a few must-haves to my summer wardrobe. You have lots of options with summer outfits so try out some different styles and see what works for you!

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