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    Bali is an island of Indonesia that’s beautiful, peaceful and rich in culture, but what are those five big reasons you should visit? Here is exactly why Bali should be on your travel bucket list…

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    Whether you’re starting a brand new travel agency or are just trying to take your existing business to a new level, paying attention to your bookkeeping has always been a must. Not being serious about these situations can lead you to serious problems in the future, and that’s something you should avoid, regardless of your […]

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    Bordered by the Adriatic sea on one side and imposing rugged mountains on the other, Montenegro (meaning “Black Mountain”) is among the lesser-known yet still absolutely gorgeous coastal destinations in Europe. Combining charismatic locals with the usual Balkan charm, the country offers idyllic landscapes, stunning beaches, a vibrant culture, as well as incredibly distinct travel […]

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    So as you guys know, I’m all about Alaska lately! I’ve been itching to go back ever since I left last summer, and I’m having a blast planning my next trip to America’s biggest state. Alaska is impossible to do in one vacation—I saw a lot during my last trip, when I spent time in […]

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    Hi there pals! If you’re anything like me, you look out for once-in-a-lifetime adventures when you travel. If there’s a painting, a garden, or a slice of cake that’s unlike anything else in the world, I have to check it out! The thing about Alaska is…there are so many unique experiences, it’s almost impossible to […]

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    There’s nothing more exciting than jet-setting off on a new trip. But before the adventure begins, there’s one dreadful thing we all have to do: pack.  I’m prone to pack my suitcase at the last minute, which inevitably means I forget something important. It’s no fun to have to wear the same pants your whole […]

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  • Hi friends! You probably know by now that I tend to look on the bright side of things.  It can be tough to see the silver lining where the pandemic is concerned, but one positive change since 2020 began is more people are doing remote work than ever before. While being a remote worker has […]