How to Earn More Money as a Lifestyle Blogger

Some bloggers treat their blogging purely as a hobby and have no interest in making money from their efforts. Or is it because they don’t know how to turn their blog into a source of income? As a lifestyle blogger, you have different ways to earn money on your blog and grow your brand in the process. If you have a blog that’s up and running, here are a few ways you can earn money while blogging about different lifestyle subjects:

Start affiliate marketing

Probably the most popular and well-known way to earn money from blogging is to join affiliate marketing. By adding affiliate links to your blog posts, you can make money every time a reader visits a website through your link and makes a purchase. Your links lead readers to your “business partner’s” website and you receive money as a way to express gratitude for supplying them with potential buyers.

Today, it’s very easy to join an affiliate program because most eCommerce websites have a program of theirs (Amazon, Apple, ASOS, etc.) You can also choose to sign up with Affiliate Window, a network where you can promote brands from all over the world. With affiliate marketing and lifestyle blogging, it’s crucial to stay authentic and only promote products and services that are legit and helpful for your followers.

Add banners to your blog

While affiliate marketing is a textual type of advertising, banners are definitely more visual. It’s possible to sell the space on your blog for brands to display their adverts. Ads can be placed all over the page, but banners are usually found at the top and on the sides. To earn money from banners, you can either follow a cost-per-click rate (get a set payment for every click on the banner from a reader) or cost-per-thousand (get money for every 1,000 clicks). The biggest enemy of banners is AdBlocker plugins that are very popular among readers, but if you want to try banner advertising, just set up an account with Google AdSense and see how you do. 

Charge for collaborations

Before you can start this step, you need to create a very strong name for yourself and your lifestyle blog. With an interesting personal website domain, this task is much easier, so try your best to come up with a memorable blog title and domain and work hard to make your brand recognizable. Once you have a good brand, you can expect other brands and even the press to reach out and ask for collaboration. For instance, if you’re known for providing recipes, they might ask you to come up with a new recipe for their magazine. Use this opportunity to charge them for your time, effort and expertise.

Mix sponsored content and affiliate links

If your blog also has social media presence, this might attract brands willing to pay for sponsored posts on your Instagram account or To boost the amount of money you can make from lifestyle blogging, you can offer sponsored content and mix it with affiliate marketing. Sponsored content includes brands paying for an article that will advertise their content. Let’s say you have a lifestyle blog that focuses on running and Nike launches a new line of running shoes, they might contact you to write something about their new products. Add some affiliate links in this post and you can make money from two sources at once. This will work best after you establish a loyal audience.

Photo by Maddi Bazzocco on Unsplash

Make money from social media

If your blog also has social media presence, this might attract brands willing to pay for sponsored posts on your Instagram account or Facebook. Many bloggers use social media and charge per post or re-post with very high rates. Of course, it’s necessary to have great content and a high number of followers on social media for brands to notice you and consider your blog’s social media account.

Lifestyle blogging is one of the most interesting blogging niches, especially since you can also make some sweet money from it and collaborate with many different bloggers. If you follow the tips above, you can turn your lifestyle blog into a serious source of income.

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