10 Tips For Visiting Montenegro For The First Time

Bordered by the Adriatic sea on one side and imposing rugged mountains on the other, Montenegro (meaning “Black Mountain”) is among the lesser-known yet still absolutely gorgeous coastal destinations in Europe. Combining charismatic locals with the usual Balkan charm, the country offers idyllic landscapes, stunning beaches, a vibrant culture, as well as incredibly distinct travel experiences. If you’ve decided on Montenegro for your next vacation, here are some tips to keep in mind when visiting the country for the first time:

1. Expect Some Language Barriers

As in most destinations around the globe, English is widely spoken in larger cities in Montenegro. But if you visit more remote areas, the locals might not understand English quite as well, especially older generations. A number of services here are provided only in Russian, and many signs around the country are written in Cyrillics as well, which might be frustrating for English-speaking tourists.

2. Be Mindful Of The Prices

Montenegro has long been touted as an incredibly affordable yet absolutely stunning European destination. And while the country still is significantly less expensive compared to the rest of the Mediterranean, the prices in Montenegro are starting to rise as tourism becomes more prevalent. Keep this in mind before visiting and consider seizing the opportunity to travel to Montenegro as soon as possible, before there are further increases.

3. Consider Renting A Car

Due to its small size, Montenegro is an ideal destination for an exciting road trip. Renting a car is always advised when visiting this country, as it allows you to experience unique views and visit a number of gorgeous locations that are only accessible by car. But even though Montenegro has good infrastructure, it is also a mountainous country with plenty of steep and winding roads, meaning that driving is best left to more experience driving this terrain.

4. Stay In A Guesthouse

Like any other coastal destination, Montenegro is filled with high-end hotels, opulent villas, and other conventional accommodation options. But if you’re looking for a more authentic local experience, it’s recommended to stay in a guesthouse when visiting Montenegro. The hosts are always incredibly warm, welcoming, and willing to offer help and advice regarding the best spots to visit around the country.

5. Invest In A Local Apartment

In case you’d like to extend your stay, a luxury apartment that you can rent when you’re not in town is a wonderful option for additional income. Porto Montenegro luxury apartments for sale are an excellent investment opportunity. Their lavish location is a great solution for anyone seeking a deluxe home in a premier European destination, while property represents one of the best investments anyone can make in this country, due to the growing tourism and real estate sectors.

6. Visit The Stunning Towns

Budva and Podgorica are among the top tourist destinations in Montenegro, but the country hides unique beauty at every corner. From Tivat, Ulcinj, and Perast to Herceg Novi, Rose, and Sveti Stefan, Montenegro is filled with stunning towns that are undeniably worth a visit. They all offer charming architecture, beautiful old towns, and distinct characters that simply can’t be experienced anywhere else.

7. Don’t Miss The Beautiful Beaches

Of course, Montenegro’s gorgeous beaches attract travelers from all over the world as well, and for a good reason. Whether you opt for more popular beaches such as Jaz and Ada Bojana or even decide on lesser-known spots like Queen’s Beach and Perazića Do, the entire coastline offers pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and wonderful seaside experiences. No matter where you go, you surely won’t make a mistake.

8. Explore The Natural Surroundings

Stepping beyond the tourist destinations, Montenegro offers much more than just an attractive shoreline. The country also provides stunning mountainous regions with snow-capped peaks, endless rolling hills, glacier lakes, and some of the deepest canyons in Europe that are sure to take your breath away. Hiding in the mountains are also some incredible architectural wonders such as the Ostrog and Cetinje monasteries, so be sure to give them a visit.

9. Stop By The National Parks

Montenegro is also home to five national parks, all offering unique natural surroundings that are undoubtedly worth exploring. Durmitor is the most well-known and ideal for skiing, hiking, and water sports, Lake Skadar offers the largest, most beautiful lake in the country along with hundreds of bird species, Biogradska Gora hides virgin rainforests and endless brilliant hiking opportunities, Prokletije provides some of the most awe-inspiring landscapes in the region, while Lovcen is filled with authentic beauty and important Montenegrin history.

10. Get A Taste Of The Local Food

Montenegro provides some of the most delicious and unique culinary experiences in Europe. While the local cuisine is influenced by the seaside and traditional Mediterranean practices, Montenegro’s Balkan nature also means the meals are heavily loaded with meat and dairy of local production. Homemade dishes are, without a doubt, incredibly tasty and worth trying out, but vegetarians and vegans might not have much luck in this region, unfortunately.

A small yet absolutely stunning country, Montenegro is bound to win your heart. Just keep these helpful tips in mind when visiting Montenegro for the first time.

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