5 Reasons Why Bali Should be on Your Bucket List

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Everyone knows that Bali is one of the most coveted destinations for tropical vacation and honeymoon. Bali is an island of Indonesia that’s beautiful, peaceful and rich in culture, but what are those five big reasons you should visit? Here is exactly why Bali should be on your travel bucket list:

One-of-a-kind nature

Indonesia is the mother country of Bali, and it’s divided into thousands of small islands of volcanic origin. Bali also has its own volcanoes which are pretty impressive and pretty active. There’s Mount Agung, Bratan and the most active one, Mount Batur. Over the past century, this angry mountain erupted a few times. Thanks to these eruptions, Bali now has the stunning nature of a unique look, and trekking the volcanoes is a must-do activity when you decide to visit. Make sure to hire a good guide to take you across mountains and bring you to see the sunrise. The sight is worth getting up early. 

Stunning beaches

After you’re done trekking and exploring the local nature, it’s time to relax at the beach and recharge in the sun. Bali is a tropical paradise, and even tropical paradise needs to have top-notch sand beaches. Well, Bali does not disappoint in this department. Most areas have a perfect beach to take a cooling dip in and enjoy the gorgeous landscape from your lounger. There are dozens of beaches on the more luxurious side, all with crystal blue waters, white sand and a lively underwater world. 

Plenty of activities to try out

All those beaches make for many amazing opportunities to try your hand at surfing. No matter who you are, you can at least try to get up on the board and catch a tiny wave. There are even resorts like  Goddess Retreats Bali that offer the opportunity to all ladies to come, learn how to surf among sisters and get amazing exercise during their stay. Plenty of other water sports are offered on the island, and snorkeling is especially popular among those who want to spend time under the water instead of on it. If you want to try a more relaxing activity like pampering and self-care, Bali spas are famous all over the world. The island spas are unmatched in experts and atmosphere, and pampering, relaxation and healing are guaranteed to come. 

Tasty food and coffee

If you’re a foodie traveling in search of amazing food, Bali will not leave you empty-stomached. The island is best-known for amazingly fresh seafood and many local restaurants serving amazing dishes with local fish. Also, if you’re a lover of spicy food, you’re in luck, but even if you prefer something fresh and mild, you’ll find plenty of choices to choose from. The top dishes you must try are seafood, suckling pig and stir-fried rice, maybe even try making them at the new cooking school

You might not think of coffee when discussing Bali, but the truth is that this island produces the world’s rarest coffee. Order a cup of Kopi Luwak if you have the chance and don’t ask where it comes from until you’ve enjoyed the entire cup of this magical and aromatic drink. The truth is that this coffee comes from the Asian Palm Civet’s digestive tract. The civet eats the coffee beans, but only the best ones. The beans go through its digestive tracks and gatherers pick undigested beans from the excrement, wash them, roast them and make amazing coffee.  

Rich culture and traditions

Indonesia has been wowing people with its rich culture and history for centuries. Balinese town Ubud is the best place to witness traditional music and dances. These dances and performances are very unique, closely resembling religious rituals and accompanied by local music, sometimes even puppets. Ubud also has various museums and galleries where you can take a look at local and heritage art for modern and traditional execution. When coming to Bali, check the local event calendar, because you definitely don’t want to miss certain events. 

With all the amazing things to see, do and try in Bali, you’ll have to extend your stay for sure. If you can’t prolong your vacation, then definitely consider returning to this island of dreams and having another Balinese adventure.

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