• The Best Airbnbs in Galveston, Texas

    The Best Airbnbs in Galveston, Texas

    If you are ready for a beach getaway that’s sure to leave you smiling, then I’ve got the place for you! Galveston, Texas, is a coastal gem that’s endlessly popular with travelers looking to soak up some surf, sea, and southern hospitality.  This gorgeous barrier island combines picturesque natural beauty with unique, quirky attractions, as […]

  • Hi friends! Does this sound familiar? You found your dream job online, reached out to some job recruiters, and aced your first interview. Now you’ve got a call back about a second interview—congratulations! A second interview is a huge step towards nailing your dream job. You might feel like your second interview should be a […]

  • How To Receive Feedback Well at Work

    If you’re anything like me, you’re absolutely terrified of receiving feedback. Feedback from a boss, coworker, or mentor can be scary, because it often points out your weaknesses. But as I’ve matured, I’ve started to think that feedback might not be such a bad thing after all! If we don’t know our weaknesses, then we […]